I'm a UX Researcher and incoming PhD Computational Media student.

I think analytically & creatively to study enjoyment and learning through games and emerging tech.

I'm interested in research related to HCI, player experience, games user research, extended reality (VR/AR/MR), and social-emotional learning.

I'm a member of the Alternative Learning Technologies (ALT) and Games Lab at UC Santa Cruz. I have an M.S. Human-Computer Interaction and a background in digital media studies.

I'm from the beautiful Northern Mariana Islands. Thankful to be a Gates Millennium Scholarship recipient to support my research career.

Recent News

  • March 2020. I was accepted into the Ph.D. Computational Media program at UC Santa Cruz!

  • February 2020. My first conference submissions were accepted! Prior to the pandemic, my first CHI conference would've been in Honolulu, Hawaii to present my Late-Breaking Work (LBW) on a death and rebirth taxonomy for platformers. I was also part of another LBW on adapting the SUS towards children.

  • December 2019. Got a publication date for my first book chapter with my advisor Professor Edward Melcer: “Death & Rebirth in Platformer Games” in the book "Game User Experience and Player-Centered Design".

  • June 2019. This summer, I'm in Chicago working as a research assistant for a project on child-computer interaction, and remotely on a research project about death and rebirth in platformers.

  • January 2019. I'm now in the M.S. in Human-Computer Interaction program at DePaul University in the College of Computing and Digital Media. Excited to focus my program on UX research and design, learning, and video games.